Saturday, December 25, 2010

Peeves (Pet, Or Otherwise)

I recently had a text-ersation with my friend "D" in which he said:
"I'm in Oklahoma for a visit, but let's get together when I get back!"

I responded with an inquiry:
"Oh! Where in Oklahoma? I have a best friend in Bartlesville."

In answer, "D" assured me of the following information:
"Oh, my mom's side of the fam lives here, so we're visiting for Xmas."

You can plainly see the question/answer relationship, of course; I asked a question with the word Oklahoma in it, thus anything related to Oklahoma was apparently sufficient response. From now on, when I want to know something, I will simply send a key word or, better yet, a completely blank text. Then *insert recipient* can simply respond with whatever information he is interested in sharing, which will spare me the unnecessary effort of formulating a specific question in the first place.

If I'm not worth the time to read a text, why even respond?


Jessie said...

LOL ok, that's sad. But the way you write it out is hilarious! :)

Candice Lea said...

Oh...this made me laugh. I've so been there!